Photograph of Juliet Miles, a contemporary glamour portrait photographer in Colorado Springs.Juliet Miles Portrait Photographer

You Are Beautiful!

I am Juliet Miles. I am a portrait photographer.

I specialize in contemporary glamour photography for women. I see the beauty and strength in every woman, and that includes you!

I work with a professional makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion designer to create a photo shoot that is designed to transform you into a celebrity being photographed for the cover of a magazine where you look and feel amazing. I teach you what to bring and what to wear for your photo shoot.

Most women have never had a professional portrait not a professional makeover. This is an experience that empowers women and gives them confidence. When they see their portraits, they see the beauty they have and what others see in them, that they may not have seen in themselves.

Some women say they need to lose weight first. You are beautiful and perfect at any stage in life. Now is the time to love you, now, as your family and friends love you now.

Some women say that they are not photogenic. I don't think anyone is really born photogenic. As a professional photographer my job is to make you look fabulous.

Click here for a PDF document that will walk you through an entire session with me. What your experience will be every step of the way.

Experience what it feels like to be a magazine model for one day. How would you like to have the most beautiful photograph of yourself? Call (719) 460-7415 to chat about the photo shoot of your dreams.

Juliet is a professional photographer based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Member of Professional Photographers of AmericaMember of Professional Photographers of America