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Juliet Miles

Juliet Miles Portrait and Wedding Photographer for Colorado Springs and DenverJuliet Miles Portrait and Wedding Photographer I genuinely enjoy photographing people, especially when given the opportunity to do it in a creative manner that expressly defines an aspect of my client’s character or personality.

We are all unique individuals.  We don’t look the same, behave the same or even have the same fingerprints.  That is why I believe a portrait should be unique whether it is for personal or business use.  I prefer to be a trendsetter than an imitator.

I was born in Uganda.  My childhood in Uganda was during turbulent times.  It was during these times that I learned to use natural resources to create my own toys to play with.  I enjoyed being creative and was not limited by my imagination.

When I was a teenager, my family fled to the United States where we began a new life.  We had nothing but a suitcase each and our faith in God.

As an adult, photography became my outlet for my creativity where I can bring to reality some of the musings of my imagination.  I have a professional photography degree that I earned here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I am a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Professional Photographers Guild of Colorado Springs (PPGCS).  I achieved the designation of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) from PPA in November 2016.

A big aspect of my life is my passion and desire to be involved in ministries that help children.  Having at one time been a child in desperate need, I find fulfillment and joy in helping others, especially children.  Photography is a way and a means to fulfill my desire to serve God through ministries that help children.

Tendo Photography is not about me nor is it for my benefit.  It is for God, to bring Him glory.  It is about serving God by helping others and giving all the glory to Him.


Professional Photographers of America Certified Professional PhotographerCertified Professional PhotographerJuliet Miles is certified as a professional photographer by the Professional Photographers of America.